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CAS No. Product name Quality
  I. Tartaric Acid Derivatives  
  1. O,O'-Diacyltartaric Acids  
62708-56-9 Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric Acid Monohydrate Purity (HPLC) >98,5%
62708-56-9 Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric Acid Monohydrate Purity (HPLC) >99%
17026-42-5 Dibenzoyl-D-tartaric Acid Monohydrate Purity (HPLC) >98,5%
50583-51-2 Di-p-Anizoyl-L-tartaric Acid**) Purity (HPLC) >99%
32634-66-5 Di-p-Toluoyl-L-tartaric Acid**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  Di-p-chlorobenzoyl-L-tartaric Acid**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  Di-o-chlorobenzoyl-L-tartaric Acid**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  Dipivaloyl-L-tartaric Acid**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  2. O,O'-Diacyltartaric Acid Anhydrides  
64339-95-3 Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric Acid Anhydride Purity (HPLC) >98%
116780-73-5 Dibenzoyl-D-tartaric Acid Anhydride Purity (HPLC) >98%
  Di-p-anizoyl-L-tartaric Acid Anhydride**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  Di-p-toluoyl-L-tartaric Acid Anhydride**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  Dipivaloyl-L-tartaric Acid Anhydride**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
6283-74-5 Diacetyl-L-tartaric Acid Anhydride**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  3. O,O'-Diacyltartaric Acid Amides  
  Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric Acid Monoamide**) Purity (HPLC) >95%
  Di-p-anizoyl- L-tartaric Acid Monoamide**) Purity (HPLC) >95%
  Di-p-toluoyl- L-tartaric Acid Monoamide**) Purity (HPLC) >95%
  4. O,O'-Diacyltartaric Acid Imides  
  Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric Acid N-Benzylimide**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  Dibenzoyl-L-tartaric Acid N-Phenylimide**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  Di-p-anizoyl-L-tartaric Acid N-Benzylimide**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  Di-p-anizoyl-L-tartaric Acid N-Phenylimide**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  5. Tartaric Acid Esters  
608-68-4 L-Tartaric Acid Dimethyl Ester**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
87-91-2 L-Tartaric Acid Diethyl Ester**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
2217-15-4 L-Tartaric Acid Diisopropyl Ester**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  L-Tartaric Acid Dibutyl Ester**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
622-00-4-68-4 L-Tartaric Acid Dibenzyl Ester**) Purity (HPLC) >98%
  6. Other Tartaric Acid Derivatives  
37031- 29-1 2,3-O-izopropyliden Dimethyl L-tartrate**) Purity >98%
38270-72-3 2,3-O-benzyliden Dimethyl L-tartrate**) Purity >98%
  II. Other chiral compounds  
4816-80-2 N-tosyl-L-glutamic Acid Purity >97%
  trans-1,2-Diaminocyclohexane (DACH) Derivatives 
  Hexaamines (R = H)  
  Trianglamines (R = CH3)  
  Polyurethane Foam Catalysts  
301-10-0 Tin(II) 2-Ethylhexanoate Sn(II)>26%
301-10-0 Tin(II) 2-Ethylhexanoate Sn(II)>28%
3164-85-0 Potassium 2-Ethylhexanoate K>15%
  Calixarenes and Resorcinarenes  
  Pharmaceutical Intermediates  
67004-04-2 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidineethanol (Clemastine, Azelastine)  
56961-75-2 2,3,5-Trichlorobenzaldehyde  
626-03-9 2,4-Dihydroxypyridine  
  2,6-Dimethyl-4-(1,1-dimethylethyl) Benzenacetonitrile (Xylometazoline)   
16142-27-1 3-Morpholino Sydnominine HCl (Molsidomine)  
623-05-2 4-Hydroxybenzyl Alcohol (Bisoprolol)  
623-47-2 Propiolic Acid Ethyl Ester (Huperzine A, Tiaprost)  
  other products  
13811-71-7 (-)-Diethyl-D-Tartrate  
  Disodium Tetrahydrosucciniate Dihydrate Purity >95%
22763-03-7 Tripotassium Phosphate Purity technical grade
18917-93-6 Magnesium Lactate  
923-09-1 Potassium Hydrogen DL-Aspartate  
7018-07-7 Magnesium Hydrogen DL-Aspartate